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Below is a list of projects I have undertaken over the past few years.

Kennelly's Homevalue Hardware Shopify Website

Website Manager

After the pandemic it became clear to me that our family business needed to an efficient website to allow us to trade in case we ever had to close our doors like we had to during the pandemic. With the help of Homevalue Hardware and the online trading voucher we managed to design this attractive looking website on Shopify that now allows us to trade online.


Today>Tomorrow Journal


I created this journal to help people with their day-to-day to-do lists, gratitudes, and emotions. I tried to keep it as simple as possible, which is why I limited each section to three tasks. I believe three to be an achievable target for each section, especially the to-do list section. I am a believer in the compound effect. If you can manage to complete the three tasks you set for yourself each day you will see big improvements in yourself and in your life.

This journal was inspired by my late grandmother, her saying was "Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today", originally said by Benjamin Franklin. My interpretation of this quote is that tomorrow is not guaranteed so do all you can in the present. That is why I try to focus on the power of now. Control what you can to help yourself today and let go of what you can't.

I hope this book helps you in your day-to-day life and you prosper both mentally and with your life goals.

Today  Tomorrow.png

Today>Tomorrow Merchandise


After launching the Today>Tomorrow Journal, I decided to launch a print on demand merchandise store with TeeSpring. This allows people who enjoy the journal and support it to purchase merchandise which then creates a sense of community for them.

You can check out the merchandise store by clicking the link below:


Sports & Yoga Book


I have always had a keen interest in sports and during college I started doing yoga once a week to try help me with injuries I was having whilst playing sport and to try improve my overall flexibility. I found it to be very good and it led to me to looking deeper into how yoga can help improve your sporting life. This in turn led to the creation of the sports & yoga book. Check it out!


Kennelly's Hardware Instagram

Social Media Manger

Kennelly's Hardware Instagram Page came after the creation of our online store In less than a year I have managed to grow it to over 1000 followers organically. I am constantly coming up with new marketing strategies, new forms of content and ways of growing to page, all organically. Check out the page below!


BoroVenturesMedia Instagram


BoroVenturesMedia is a spin off my company BoroVenturesLimited. BoroVenturesLimited is my main company that all my side hustles run through. BoroVenturesMedia being one of them. This page is all about showcasing my digital marketing work and outreaching to potential clients.

BV (3).png

Young Irish Entrepreneurs Neworking Group


This is my latest creation!

Being an Entrepreneur can sometimes be a lonely journey as you try to develop your business ideas. All the while fighting off the doubts and worries that come with taking risks to try and bring your business to life. That is where the idea for the Young Irish Entrepreneurs Networking Group came about. It gives entrepreneurs in Ireland a support network of like minded individuals who can support one another and help eachother out.

Follow the page on Instagram and DM if you'd like an opportunity to join the group!


My Youtube Video -
The Social Dilemma 


Phone addiction is only getting worse and there's very little support people can get to help with the issue.

I wrote out a script about the negative aspects of smartphones and the effect they are having on people. I then got someone from Fiverr to do a voiceover of the script and put together a background video to match it.

Here is how it turned out!


"Technology is a great tool for those who see it only as a tool"


The Pub Talk Podcast


The idea for the pub talk podcast came about when two mates of mine from Mayo, Gerald Griffin and David Foy, were sitting in a pub in Galway chatting. We were having a good laugh talking about random topics and then thought what if we were to record such conversations. Two weeks later the pandemic struck and we could no longer meet up in the pub so we decided to do zoom calls, record the audio and upload them as podcasts for our friends to listen to! We kept to the structure of 3 topics per podcast. Give it a listen below!

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