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Available Services

Content Creation

I create personalised content for brands using videography, pictures and graphic design on platforms such as Canva.

Public Speaking

After creating the Today>Tomorrow Journal I have been asked to give talks in schools about the benefits of journaling and how  practicing gratitude can positively impact peoples lives. This has helped grow my confidence in public speaking.

Social Media Management

Managing and scheduling content across multiple platforms. Focusing in on organic reach through hashtags and growth techniques.

Podcast Editing

Having successfully ran a podcast series called The Pub Talk Podcast with mates of mine from college, I can comprehensively edit podcast audio recordings to make them more enjoyable for the listener.

eCommerce Consulting

Having experience across multiple different eCommerce platforms through various methods of eCommerce practices such as Dropshipping using Shopify, Affiliate Marketing using Wix and Digital Marketing, I have developed knowledge around good practices in eCommerce as well as having undergone mistakes in the industry and how they can be avoided.

Video Editing

Whilst creating content I found that in some cases the content may have pitfalls that needed altering. That's where video editing skills come in handy. Through platforms such as Final Cut Pro and CapCut I have been able to edit videos by adding in subtitles, text, animations and music to make the videos much more appealing to the end viewer.

Book A Call With Me

If you are interested in my services or just want to have a chat with me to learn more about my business then book in a slot for a call on my Calendly page and let's chat!

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Michael Kennelly, Kennelly's Homevalue Hardware Limited

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